Working with hundreds of UK-based businesses, we've created pricing that aims to work for the majority and we're proud to offer industry low fees. Beyonk works in two ways:

1) We make it easier to generate more bookings through your website, social media and partners you work with

2) We send you bookings from our leading UK distribution network of partners from tourist boards, parks, travel providers and accommodation platforms

Beyonk Pricing:

  • No sign-up fees, login and get started without any credit card information

  • No support fees, unrivaled customer support

  • No hosting fees

  • No training fees

  • No other hidden fees

  • We work on a result-based model as we believe this is in the best interests of businesses.

Pricing using the booking system

Beyonk's fee


Free events & tickets


Small booking fee

Paid events

4% per booking. Can be passed onto customer as a checkout fee, or can be absorbed within your pricing. If you choose to pass it onto the customer, the booking fee is capped at £5 + VAT to ensure the buying decision is not impacted by the booking fee. Negotiable based on volumes.

5% - 10% by the major booking platforms

Using the distribution network (optional)

Free events & tickets


Small booking fee

Paid events

If you've passed on 4% to the customer on your booking system, you'll only get charged 6%, otherwise, it's a 10% flat fee

20% +

Please note *all fees exclude VAT.

When you sign up you'll be automatically added to our 'Free Booking System' Charging whereby a small Beyonk fee of 4% to the customer as a checkout ticketing fee, which means you get the booking system completely for free. Research shows these rates are immaterial to the conversion rates due to the relative insignificance of the fee and the industry standard is between 5 - 10%. You can also choose to pay for this yourself and embed it within your costs, just contact one of the Beyonk team at

Any other hidden costs?

When using an online booking system, you'll need to connect your system to a bank, or a payment processor. Beyonk has partnered with Stripe for some of the lowest payment processing fees. See their prices here.

Why are your costs structured like this?

Although we want to support our partners as much as possible, we have costs to cover including website, hosting, email service, security, databases, staff fees - including the unrivaled customer support we provide, to the new partnerships we're bringing onboard to better send you more bookings. With Beyonk, you're paying for superior service, a modern growing platform that will generate you more bookings and delight your customers.

Because we operate on a per booking basis, it's in our best interest to send you more bookings and help you to be successful. This means every decision we make is in your best interest. You now have the whole of the Beyonk employees working for you to make the system as useful as possible. We won't recommend huge lengthy forms before sign-up or creating an account before checkout, because that'll limit your bookings. We'll design the tech always to maximise your business opportunities, including gift vouchers, add-ons, affiliate codes and more. We'll continue to stay at the cutting-edge of booking system technology so your business can succeed so that our booking fee becomes irrelevant to you. Furthermore, we're constantly working to bring more partners onboard to the booking ecosystem to promote your experiences and help you sell more at industry-low rates.

Using the Beyonk booking system helps you sell more to your existing customers and reach even more through the booking ecosystem. Here’s how:

1) Using the booking system:

a. From watching millions of consumers, our systems are optimised to maximise bookings by making it highly visible & easy to book

b. Our booking system provides a wealth of opportunities to increase customer spend from group discounts to encourage more to book, add-ons to up-sell customers, gift vouchers, affiliate codes & more

2) We’ve seen businesses receive a greater amount of bookings from the booking ecosystem when they use the Beyonk booking system. We think this is because they have more available live dates, more experiences, and are naturally more responsive to enquiries.

If there are any blockers, or you want to discuss pricing further, get in contact with us and we'd be happy to help.

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